Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Shining starfruit..
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Khubz & I got up super early today. Scully is still in boston & I am definitely used to a two-mommy morning routine.

I had already rsvp'd for carpool (which leaves at 7) when it occured to me that I would be dropping Khubz off at daycare (she usually is dropped off at 7:15.)

So I was up at 5:45 and even got to shower because Khubz was all sleepysleepy in our bed. The girl was great. No fighting when I combed through her hair. No crawling away when changing her diaper. First breakfast (she has second breakfast at daycare) was a banana. Not oatmeal which gets poured down her shirt or mashed in to her hair. But manageable, fairly tidy banana.

Shoes on, jacket on, lunch bag packed (she has a little purse that she likes to carry her lunch in, because, you know, I *am* still neurotic about her food) and out the door-in the carseat. All of this was done to get us to daycare at 6:42.

It was dark. We could see the stars. Khubz thought I was nuts but went along with me anyway.

We found the early drop-off room & Khubz did okay as I was leaving.

A good time to say that daycare, in general, is going well. We had parent-teacher conferences yesterday & Khubz is on track with all of her milestones.

I talked with the teacher about inclusivity. (Did I tell you all that she moved out of the one year old room and into the toddler room? New teacher, new room, many old friends--especially her best friend Funk.) I was less interested in my actual question, "how do you plan for inclusivity. . . what do you do for "mother's day" etc." and more interested in how she responded to me. She was very responsive & thoughtful & I felt reassured. I don't think our conversation is over (it's also a conversation about resources--what books they have/don't have etc.) but I at least feel like we have a platform for the conversation. So that is a very good thing.

I often hear people say that she is so young & kids don't even notice that stuff at this age. I don't buy it. She may not notice that she has two moms and someone else has a mom & dad. But she should see her family reflected in the world around her, especially at daycare--her first public sphere. She does notice that. And Scully & I certainly do.


growingapair said...

Well, when I saw Khubz this morning (there for our parent/teacher conference) she was happy as a clam. And ready to go with me willingly. And then a little peeved that I wasn't there to take her anywhere.

the fruitfemme said...

what a sharp contrast to when Funk sees me coming! :)