Sunday, March 23, 2008

in love

Originally uploaded by Pieter Pieterse
Scully out of no where starts talking about this dream she had where she was surrounded by tomato plants. There were red ripe tomatoes everywhere. And then she breaks out of her dream story to look me right in the face and says, "I mean, think about it. The symbolism of a *tomato*." There was a pause so we could both drink in the vast symbolism.

I can't believe I am married to a woman who says things to me like, 'think about the symbolism of a tomato.'

"I love you. I fucking, fucking love you." was the only reply I could manage.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like two English majors to me...

Venus said...

For some reason, this moment struck me as the epitome of true love. : )

the fruitfemme said...

It is true. We are dorks. But dorks in love.