Friday, March 7, 2008

Breathe. Breathe.

Well the universe conspired against us and we did not make it to iowa. In addition to the already listed hideous ailments up north there is also some sort of fast-moving viral stomach flu that has already hit 4 in the tribe. And then there's snow covered interstate.

It all added up to. . . Okay, I guess we'll stay home. Luckily, we're lining up some dates so I shouldn't feel too sorry for myself this weekend (Scully will be out of town at a conference & that's usually my cue to get out state. Just won't work out this weekend.)

So breathe. Breathe.

Khubz & I are having a ball today. We went to toddler gym. We read Moobaalalala (over & over again.) We played pillow where I scoop her into a pillow case & swing it around my head (an exaggeration--sort of.)

For lunch I'm making pancakes because they were a hit on Tuesday & I didn't want to do anything more complicated. She's puttering around, talking & playing. She goes into the living room & suddenly gets quiet. This usually means she's either pooping or "reading" a book to herself. I decide to take a peek, all the while thinking I should capitalize on the moment & get the pancakes whipped up.

She has opened the door to the basement.
The basement with a steep wooden staircase straight down.
No railing (as if that would matter)
And solid concrete floor at the bottom.

I panicked. Screamed her name and ran to her. Please don't run. Please don't startle. Please don't think Mommy is playing a game. Just don't move!!

She froze.


I grabbed her & slammed the door shut & then actually locked the baby-proof lock (we didn't think she could reach it so we weren't using it!)

I then proceeded to sob & grip her against my chest.
Breathe. Just breathe.
Khubz is. You should too. Just breathe.

Okay. Okay.

She's napping now. I descended the steep stairs into the basement so I could get this story out of my shoulders & chest (still knotted with fear.) While I am down here, I'll also start measuring for a rubber floor we can lay down. Scully? You didn't have any other plans for our tax return, right?


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