Friday, March 21, 2008


it would go something like this

sick yesterday off to texas tomorrow for the rebirth of jesus headache today lots of training this last week not bad pretty good some parts went quite well really throbbing headache really found out that stickers can be worth $600 if they're on your prescription for crazy woman juice the whole afternoon was spent training on sexual assault makes me feel fragile and mad and crazy i am unbelievably excited about spending the next 4 days with my woman and my daughter unbelievably excited about seeing so much of Scully and having us together as a family with her family really pretty amazing really haven't been out & about in the blogosphere lately can't wait to catch up Grandma got Khubz a wagon & she loves it & I assembled it (totally proud of my tool-wielding, femme self) time to go take some Tylenol pick up my girl and love her and love her and swing her around we are so going to try on my next cycle crazy woman juice is on its way $3000? no problem i am ready for my baby now

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