Friday, January 7, 2011

impromptu sensory tables

I have a memory of being three and finding a bowl with a small amount of popcorn left in it. My family had an air popper and to make up for the healthfulness of the snack, we would melt butter (probably margarine, before we knew the menace of trans fats) and pour it over the fat-free, air popped goodness. I may have eaten what was left in the bowl, I don't remember.

I emptied the bowl of leftover husks (probably poured it on the ground.)

It was a big metal mixing bowl, light but sturdy.
I put my bare feet in the bowl and squished and squashed and "skated" in a circle. The bowl was greasy from the leftover butter and streaky from the leftover salt. I spun around and around, climbed in and out again until my salty, buttery footprints were discovered. I'm sure (after they vomited) they put me in time out.

Khubz was getting over a slight fever today. Thumper was hyper because we'd been in the house all day. Somewhere between the bonkers atmosphere and constantly running noses I got irritated with them. Calm down! And go wipe your nose!!

Then I got out a large pan, poured some uncooked white rice, got some scoops and measures and stepped back. They poured and "splashed" and drew and stood in the pan, sprinkled it into each others' hair. . . All the stuff the parenting books talk about. And it calmed them. They focused, they engaged, they settled.

And I got to remember being in my popcorn bowl.

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