Saturday, January 1, 2011


I love having Khubz go to preschool. It is three days a week, two and a half hours in the morning. Perfect. An hour of free time where she directs her own play, explores, cavorts with friends, runs around in a space other than our house, half an hour of snack time, twenty minutes outside on the playground. . . It seems the perfect fit for us.

Scully and I have been talking homeschooling all the way back from texas (the most fabulous trip we have ever had, btw.) She's ready to switch our room with the study so there's more space for craft/learn/do. I am surprised (and thrilled) with how excited she is about the idea of homeschooling. We both feel like we need to do some more research into options, resources etc. We aren't at the point of deciding anything. But it feels like we are approaching this question together. Nice.

In the mean time, all I want to do is make some lovely sandpaper letters, play some number games, and organize a journal to track the things the kids are learning.

Everyday Khubz asks me a million "why"s. "Why when you scoop up some snow in your hand does it melt and disappear?" There are lots of simple answers about heat and physical changes. I was much more excited by her question. "Does it disappear? What do you see in your hand?" "Water!" So we talked about water and snow and ice and steam being cousins. I am not pretending that I can prepare her for an organic chemistry class. I do think I can take in wonders, with Khubz and Thumper, and articulate our senses, notice how cornmeal feels, mix colors, make a salt map, craft/learn/go/do

I am excited about that.

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