Thursday, January 6, 2011


When we cook up a fresh batch of playdoh or, gasp, open a newly purchased canister I take 3/4 out and hand it to the kids. They each get their own color. At some point I encourage them to switch. I hover, collecting stray scraps y return them to their proper segregated container.

One day khubz y thumper swapped half for half. The next question still makes me grimace.

"Can we mix them?" khubz inquires.

1. You are a kid playing with playdoh. ••your•• playdoh. You can do anything you want y it shames me that you felt the need to ask.

2. Oh my GOD. The kids are going to mix the playdoh. I can't watch!! (deep breath)

My new years resolution is to mix more. It is just playdoh, for goddess sake. Or glitter. Or paint. Or gravy.

We have a lot of fun here at the fruit basket, especially when I can relax my shoulders. The table must get wiped down anyway. The floor will need to be mopped anyway. There is a shitton of work to keep things moving around here. I should make the mess worth it.

Ps. Additional resolution? Get a freakin tattoo already. I think on my wrist. I think it should say "inshallah" but maybe "mashallah" wd be better? Votes are welcome--as are donations! :)

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