Thursday, April 16, 2009

Worth a thousand words

A big welcome from the great state of Texas.
Please note furious winds--I had to stop taking pictures and hold my skirt down. Khubz was very excited to identify the letter X for us. Also see her aforementioned cowboots.

I flip Texas a lot of shit even though George Bush is finally out of office. But many, many fabulous things happen there. Just take a look!
Our son meets the goddess

Beginning BlueBonnets

Khubz as CowGirl doing the Spiral Dance
These boots were made for walkin.
She picked them. She loooves them.
Of course they're pink.

Khubz: "See my harry potter? i very braaaave."
Scully: Well, now she's a real texan. She was attacked by a mesquite tree and
lived to tell the story.

Smiley Smilerton enjoyed himself.

Here he is demonstrating "guffaw."

I'm sure its because I said something very, very funny.

Competition for eggs was hot at the ranch. Khubz held her own. Thumper simply charmed people in to giving him their chocolate.

Frog catching, turtle spotting and all the mud a kid could ask for.
Yes. She rode this with her cousin. Dissatisfied being a side kick she also drove it. By herself. Scully fixed it to go about 2 mph. I was still pretty sick watching.

What a great day!!!

And this one was all smiles. He was cackling with laughter even when we were at walmart. People stopped and stared because the sound of laughter had never before been heard at the walmart checkout.


Jennie said...

Those children are f*cking adorable.

scully said...

I love Texas!

frogpondsrock said...

oooh the photos are all lovely. Veronica told me that 'thumper' was a handsome little fellow. But I had to come over and see for myself. Khubz has grown so much WOW!!!

(((hugs))) to all