Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It is not all a barrel of laughs

But today was a very fun day.

The number of the day was 4. MajPaj, Khubz and I cut out paper hands and practiced putting the thumb down. We then taped them to cardboard sticks and they had "stop" signs. I was the train and they "stop!"d and "go!"d me for an hour. Why am I the one running around? They're the toddlers. Give me those damn signs! :)

I only had to clean poop out of elmo underwear once (that makes it a very good day!)

I had some biopsies done to diagnose a condition I've had since I was eight (don't ask) and the stitches blew. Why is this good news? Its small enough that I did not have to go get stitched back up.

I made six kids happy at snack time without resorting to chocolate. (Yellow, red and orange tomatoes, blood oranges and sunflower seeds. For real!)

Scully offered to rub my feet and wound up massaging my legs. Very, very nice.

We leave for texas tomorrow. The hardest part of this is finding anything to wear. All my normal/not pregnant clothes are chosen with one key element in mind. "Does this show off my tits?" Though my breasts are large right now (full of milk) they aren't what I would call well placed. I often call them gravity indicators. I've recently stolen the term "straws" from my good friend. So I have all these tops with scooped necklines demonstrating the nursing bras that look like they were mass produced during world war II to convince the germans they should stay out of england. (sigh)

That's okay. All anyone will notice is Thumper. His bright, smiling eyes and his open grasping mouth. And then his sister. "You GOT MILK MOMMY? from you CHEST? MILK, MOMMY? It SPILLING? ON YOU SHIRT? MILK ALL OVER, MOMMY?"

Stay tuned. I'm off to finish the laundry before the hungry one wakes up.

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