Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sometimes chiggers are worth it

Yes, this is easy to say when you're not the one scratching. But, really, an entire day divided up between two parks? Totally worth it. Even to the the itchy toddler. So Khubz has some chigger bites. Poor girl. Was she complaining about the park time? Nooooo. . .

Especially since the full day devoted to parks included two of her best friends, Sunkist and Root Beer. And what could make a glorious day in the park surrounded by friends even better for the mommy? An exhausted Khubz (who boycotted naptime) and then slept for 14 hours straight. I love my children and I really, really, really love them when they are asleep.

Thumper (or Smiles as I often call him) for his part enjoyed the first park with us from the comfort of the sling. The second park (where I suspect the chiggers lay in wait) he declined and spent the afternoon sprawled out on Scully.

We had such a good time! It meant that the mommies (BOTH of us!) got to watch an entire made-for-grown-ups movie with our friends. By the way, go rent Rachel Getting Married. But put in a stick of gum or something because it is gut wrenching and I had a headache from clenching my jaw the whole time. Really, really good. Honestly, I never pay attention to movies and this was riveting!

It was such a nice weekend. We grilled out. We frolicked. We relaxed. We laughed. The weekend was entirely wonderful--just like these friends.


growingapair said...

So... how do I look in green, anyway?

Seriously, tho... Glad things are perking up. Loving you all.

Anonymous said...

Root Beer here,
Sorry about the chiggers! But I had a wonderful time with all of you! I still miss the hell out of you!