Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Overheard at casa de basket

Hello kind friends.

I am feeling better in general. I think I'm hovering at around 70%. Not bad. We got to go home last weekend and see friends and that was wonderful. We stayed in a hotel with our infant and our toddler and that was not wonderful. We essentially squatted at our friends houses during the day and that was totally, unbelievably wonderful.

On that quick note, have you checked out the news at the Pairs? Welcome Snoodle! Awesome! I cannot wait to meet that little man.

So since I'm feeling better I thought I'd share a few quick gems heard round the basket lately.

"H-Oh!! Umm. No. Just gas" We are potty training again and it is working much, much better. Thank you, Maj Paj (cousin the same age who has it almost totally down) and Gramma (our dealer/supplier of M&Ms as rewards for going on the potty.) Tonight Scully, the kids and I all headed to the store and had to make an emergency stop at McD. Turns out, just gas. That's okay! I'd rather she err that way.

"Tinytiny penis???" Khubz is interested. Though she was unimpressed with the size of her brother's junk she quite interested in the equipment. This coupled with the potty training also has her practicing "Ulwa?" "No, sweetie. Vulva." "Ooooh. Vulwa."

(yes, I am super excited to see how many blog hits I get just for that one story)

"You do not play baseball in Gramma's basement!!" All the kids were out of school today so it was a bit overwhelming at Gramma's house. At some point there seemed to be a lot of fun being had in the basement so I was elected to ruin the good time. Turns out the kids decided freezing cold rain need not stop them. Just do baseball in the basement.

"It was a good day. Because nobody went to jail." This is the new lingo Scully and I are using to evaluate our days. It is pretty cute because I occasionally get a text message from her alerting me that she may, in fact, be going to jail. I let her know that we're on one income and cannot afford bail. Choose wisely!

"Did you poop today? Because if you pooped then you weren't really busy, were you?!" I said this on day when it really did feel like someone was pulling on my clothes, asking to climb up for "Mommyholdyou??" or actually sucking/suckling the life out of me every minute of my day. I was super glad when Scully got home.

"Mommy, where do rocks come from? From the sky?" It was actually MajPaj who said this one to his mom but I was dazzled by it, by the way these kiddos are making me rethink my world and just had to write it down.

"Mommy eating Stinky?" Khubz is still figuring out the nursing thing. I always promptly correct her, "no, Mommy is feeding Stinky." "Ooooh." She takes holds her shirt up and nurses her baby doll at the same time. It makes me smile.

So, stinky (though he is just as stinky) does not seem to be the best name for the boy. He has charmed me too much and Stinky seems to be a bit edgy for such an unbelievably sweet little man. So Scully thinks Thumper would suit him. Really, go back and look at the picture of his feet. Thumper it is.

And with that it is time for Mommy to go eat, er, feed Thumper.


scully said...

we are returning to some sense of normalcy.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love thumper! Good call.

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