Friday, March 20, 2009

pic review

Fruit, Basket

Tina, revised

Thumper--all feet and smiles

Los Ninos

So yes, smiles all around. I should admit that today I asked Thumper if he would like to be an only child. Because I was about to murder his sister. She would not take a nap and in the face of her willfulness I threw a massive two-year-old fit. Luckily, we all wound up in the park for a two hour frolic. Scully met us there after work and Khubz promptly fell asleep in the car.
This would normally spell trouble but we decided it meant we could turn off Khubz's music and have a moment of peace in the car together instead. And we got sodas. Just for the two of us. We are bitches.
There have been some accomplishments lately:
Thumper has discovered his sister. And she makes him all smiley.
Scully took Khubz on the bus. To the delight of all the other passengers there was a "wheels on the bus" sing along from one end of the town to the other.
The new coop has opened today. I almost cried when I went through it. It felt like home.

I learned a new technique to enhance kumquat enjoyment. Expect the video shortly. And probably the erotica.


Veronica said...

Photos! Yay!

You have beautiful children. Absolutely beautiful. hates word verification said...

OMG how cute!!!

Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful.
Love and miss you,

Tranquil said...