Thursday, July 3, 2008

the girl is doing great!

Tubes are in! She was a total trooper about it all. She is definitely drunk with the anesthesia, though. Like she couldn't hold her own head up. It was an interesting flashback to a newborn. . . no neck control.

Anyway, we got some juice & papas (tatertots) from sonic, slept in the chair for a bit and now she's upstairs in her bed. Whew!

Scully was awesome, of course. I dumped an entire bottle of water in my completely packed & messy diaper bag. While Khubz was in surgery Scully cleaned it out. Remember all those mints I'd just bought to help me with my nasuea? Sticky mints, wet paper wrappers, a bottle of metformin that, of course, had opened & spilled & was now melting into the very fabric of my bag. It was pretty gross.

Then the surgery was done & the girl was waking up!



Veronica said...

Yay! Glad Khubz is fine afterwards. Crossing figers that she doesn't get any more ear infections.

And Scully sounds pretty awesome.

Veronica said...

Gah, fingers**