Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A better day

Thank the Goddess.

In a complete departure from my endless winging on about work, let's dive into a different part of my world.

Khubz is a singing fool.

If you come for dinner (please come! please!) she'll treat you to twinkle twinkle after we have our fruit. If you're lucky she'll follow it up with an A, B, C jingle. If you're really lucky and are one of her mommies, she'll take you upstairs to her big girl bed for 30 minutes of snuggles and singing. Last night it was "how much is that doggie in the window" 27 times. But usually she'll lead you through a vast repertoire.

The lil baby song is an adapted gwydion song to have the sadness taken out. Khubz is also happy to correct me when I mistakenly say "mommy" where it should be "mama"

Personal penguin and the going to bed book are popular and we always thank sandra bouynton.

Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang makes an occasional appearance along with 50 ways to leave your lover by paul simon. Itsy Bitsy Spider and Aranya Pequinita, of course. Everybody wants to be a cat from the Aristocats, C is for Cookie, various versions of A B C, Los Ninos and Un Elefante max out my spanish songs. Scully's lineup includes the Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay song and several other songs in spanish. Khubz also requests the "Bugs" song.

All songs begin with "OOOOOOhhhh"
It's like this.
Together: OOOOOOOOOh!
Mommy: She will bring the
Khubz: BUGS!
Mommy: In the spring. And laugh among the
Mommy: In summer heat her
Khubz: KISSES!
Mommy: Are sweet. She sings with leafy
Khubz: Bowers!
Mommy: She cuts the cane and gathers the
Khubz: GRAIN!
Mommy: While the fruits all fall
Khubz: Arownder (around her)
Mommy: Her bones grow old in wintery
Khub: COLD!
Mommy: She wraps her cloak
Khubz: Arownder! (arms wrapped around herself)

I know that we shouldn't all be used to a lengthy bedtime process but I love the singing to sleep. It is delightful.

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