Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quickie Update

Hello fruity blogosphere!

Thanks for all the congratulations & good wishes. We are thrilled here at the fruit basket. So much is still unknown so I am trying to chill out (I suck at this, btw.) So what are we waiting on now?

The results of my beta HcG & progesterone tests. The first one was good. I should have results from Friday's test soon.

A sonogram where we find out exactly what our lives may look like. Or, really, not exactly. I had three follicles that were ready to go when we inseminated. Anything is possible. It is possible that not all the follicles had eggs. It is possible that not all the eggs were released. It is possible that not all of the eggs were fertilized. It is possible that not all the eggs implanted. I have been bleeding & spotting on & off quite a bit so it's also possible that not all the eggs have hung around. We won't know how many we're talking about until the sonogram. I am super excited about finding this out.

We (of course) will take anyone the universe sends our way, with gratitude. It does feel like something important to know, however.

In other news, we had a great mother's day weekend. Joe & her husband & MajPaj all came down and we enjoyed Mexican Mother's Day on Saturday and another Mother's Day on Sunday. Just another benefit of twice the mommies.

I don't have tons of time right now but I encourage you to hop over to QWoC and check out the top 8 things folks of mixed race do not want to hear. Nicely done.

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