Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I know it is not at all obvious in my previous spinning post but I am really very happy about having twins. I already wonder who these little people will be when they come into the world. Who will we meet? How will the world change? I think Scully & Khubz & I are all up for it. And my mom is shrieking with joy. Shrieking. Joyfully.

I am feeling better about Khubz, too.

I think in the previous post I was really adjusting to the idea, unsure about all the things that would change and unable to picture anything at all. I have some more ideas now and have been reassured that Khubz & I will not be lost to one another. We'll be tired for a while. That's okay. Sometimes the mommies just are tired.

So now we're browsing the double strollers and looking for one that has a "rumble seat" where Khubz could ride as well. Also, she'll be two and a half. It will be the middle of winter. By the time spring comes around we will have had some practice. And we are totally practicing the "hold mommie's hand" when we walk. She is a very good girl.

I am missing her. And Scully. And I also love being pregnant. I love the idea that what will grow into my children are already with me. That as I was eating my yummy spinach salad there were these two embryos very excited about the iron and "leafy green"-ness of it all. And I talk to them.

I should also tell you that we have nicknames. So Khubz was "zygy" when she was in utero. Zygote turned into zygy and that stuck even after she was waay past zygote and even once she was a fetus. We dropped it as soon as she was in the world. She was immediately "Khubz" for us.

So we were looking again at all the points of development and I said "blastocyst. cool." And Scully dubbed my pregnancy "blasty." And now it's Blasty squared. And you know what that makes me? That's right! I'm Masterblaster! who knew that Mad Max would be such a longlasting theme in my parenting?

I will say that the beds are very nice here. I am sleeping well and I am really excited that I get to go to bed as soon as the meeting is over each day! 6 o'clock bedtime, here I come!

Additionally, check out the beautiful fruit we had on the breakfast buffet this morning. The pic doesn't do it justice, but it's not bad for a camera phone.

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Fransky said...

Hey Fruity! Twins huh! Sounds terrifying & amazing! I wish you happiness & plenty of rest in the days to come!