Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the worm turns

What happens when you leave two dear friends, Laurie & Michelle, in the care of one unpredictably moody toddler? Let's find out.

Khubz was relatively gracious as she fixed dinner for our friends (1.800.rudy's.pizza) She demonstrated the high quality hors d'oeuvre possibilities that all begin with humble animal crackers. She proved that shredded cheese is not only a handy snack but is also a fine moisturizer when smeared directly into the skin. It was all going fine until Laurie suggested that Khubz should not pound her sippy cup in to the top of the pizza. Then, in a serious breech of etiquette, our friend took the sippy cup away.

Oh no, she didnt!

Oh yes. She did.

Luckily, Michelle was much better mannered. She smoothed things over, trying to help Laurie with some of her rough social edges. It was all okay. Khubz did some deep breathing. Dinner was over. They recovered with relative ease. There was much playing, laughing, repeated readings of Khubz's favorite book or "bibro" as she says. All seemed well. Then the clock struck 7. and the worm turned.

"Okay, Michelle! You better clear out of here!" Laurie said and prepared to move the girlchild towards bed.

Khubz had already become a pumpkin. She was clinging to an onsie she'd gotten off the couch. No amount of prying, cajoling or bribing could get her to let go. Upstairs, Laurie was still trying. "You can't take that in the tub with you, i'm sorry, you just can't" Ultimately, it had to be taken away.

First the sippy cup. Now this. You have gone too far.

"who do you THINK YOU ARE??!!!!" Khubz demanded, doing her best to escape the hazardous lavender-scented bubbles Laurie kept threatening her with. "what do you THINK YOU ARE DOING??!!!!" she sobbed when Laurie was drying her off. "why can't you just LEAVE ME ALONE??!!!" she plead, crying softly & quietly while punctuating her pitiful state with an occasional whimper, sniffle or sharp targeted kick.

Sitting in Khubz's room, Laurie dutifully read the goodnight book. Frowning, curled into herself, Khubz sat on Laurie's lap and only listened because she had to. Her face partially covered by the extra pajamas she was now gripping. Her arms were locked in front of herself and were only uncrossed so she could silently sign "more" at the end of the book without breaking out of her scowl.

By the third time through the book Khubz had stopped crying. She was afraid, insecure, unsure why her mommies had abandoned her into the care of someone like this. But she was more resigned and, frankly, she was tired.

Downstairs, the front door quietly opened and closed.

"Hello?" Scully very softly spoke into the house.

"BWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" Khubz responded from upstairs. Laurie and Scully switched places. Laurie quickly fled, still hearing Khubz's cries echo throughout the neighborhood.

Ignorant of the evening, I send a text to Laurie & Michelle while sitting in my hotel in Wyatt Earp country. "Thank you both SO much!" a small thank you from the other side of the state.

"Anytime!" Michelle responds. "Khubz is a treat!"

And Laurie?

"You'll be getting a bill from my therapist."


Veronica said...

The joys of a nearly 18mth old toddler!

I haven't been game to leave Amy with anyone for an evening yet.

ms.cripchick said...

haha i love this kid : )