Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Khubz update

The girl is saying her name. She can't get the first letter sound. So it's like she's saying "ubz" or actually "ubzita." We can't get enough of it. "Como te llamas?" "Mommy?" "No. Como te llamas?" "Ubzita!"

Good times. We love it.

Khubz also provided a window into her dreams the other night. She was in bed with us (because, she's back in the bed with us, you know) and she was half asleep, half awake, still all slumber. And her sleepy, sleepy voice said "annie." "annie." "annie." Unbelievably sweet. Annie is her very good friend (when she's not prime competition.) We hadn't seen into her dream world since she used to nurse in her sleep as a newborn.

In other news, Scully & I have decided to wait another month before trying to get pregnant. We've got the money together for one try but that is a tremendous amount of pressure and my ovaries aren't going to age sufficiently in one month that it will matter.

And so, in the words of my sister, "well, then, we will wait."

I am definitely starting to see the leanings of crazy-for-a-baby. I can't even blame it on the crazywomanjuice. Just me. Really, really ready to be pregnant and have another baby. Really ready. Really.

So I guess therein lies my motivation to walk away from the rice krispie treats. Walk far, far away.


growingapair said...

That IS unbearably sweet.

I have total baby fever, too! Let's get knocked up together (okay, slightly problematic since Hubs is not on board. But. Still.)

Sending you love and celery. When will we sweat together (at the all-womyn's gym?)

frog ponds rock... said...

Sorry that I haven't been over for a while.. (((hugs))) kim

Veronica said...

Oh wow! Amy doesn't talk in her sleep.

Good luck with the TTC next month. I know how you feel about the so ready to have another baby.