Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Khubz wins a prize

For worst trip to the dentist ever. 

She is now asleep. 

She puked all over their carpeted reception area. Three times. She got puke all over her shirt y shoes. I took her to the bathroom to clean up y she left little vomit footprints the whole way. 

This happened right after we walked in the door. Before I could even give them her name. It was totally horrible. 

She felt much better after puking y wanted to stay so she cd get her teeth cleaned y get a new tbrush! I told her no. Really, it seemed like the only reasonable answer. 

I took her shirt off y wrapped my cardigan around her. Two receptionists were wearing masks y gloves y scrubbing up a lot of puke. It was disgusting. 

I want to take a tray of cookies or fruit or something in to them. I feel really bad. I don't know why puke is embarrassing but it is. They were so nice. I tried to clean it but they shooed me away with a "this happens more often than you might think".  I will think of that every time I see really ugly carpet at a dentist office. Ah, they're probably just planning ahead. 

There is apparently a stomach flu going round the preschool. 

Poor girl. When she said this morning that her tummy hurt I thought she was just nervous.

 One of these days I will learn to stop projecting!

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laurharr said...

Poor Khubz and mommy too!