Saturday, January 24, 2009

almost back with the living

So a bit of postpartum depression going on. It will pass and I am keeping my eye on the horizon. Enormous gratitude for a toddler who will sleep through a newborn crying and a newborn who will sleep through a toddler crying. In fact, let's just get a gratitude list going.

Thank yous to the universe and to

  • Friends who still love me even though I haven't answered my phone in three weeks.
  • The blogosphere with their well wishes even though I haven't been online in three weeks
  • Family who do not roll their eyes at me even when I say things I know are painful & ridiculous (or perhaps, painfully ridiculous)
  • A beloved Scully who is right now cleaning the house and rallying Khubz to help her
  • My unbelievable mother who got SOM to sleep for a five hour stretch
  • Khubz who asks me regularly, "mommy crying? I'sokay, mommy. 'Sokay."
  • SOM who is a shockingly laid back baby
  • Everyone who is still waiting for those baby announcements. . . they will get mailed out eventually--i promise
  • Elmo, Bob Construe and Plaza Sesamo--who have been a crucial part of my parenting lately
  • Every daycare provider everywhere
  • Friends who drive up despite my warnings that I will ruin their weekend
  • Rosemary & Thyme (the "herb detectives" as Scully calls them) for their vapid show, the equivilant of scooby doo for adults
  • Lots, lots more.


Veronica said...

I'm grateful for a baby that latches easily and without pain for his all night marathon feeding sessions.

For chocolate mint biscuits, even if I am blaming them for last night's marathon feeding session.

And for a toddler who hasn't tried to strangle/squash/trip over the baby. Yet.

Anonymous said...

Love you,