Sunday, December 28, 2008


So I'm not in labor. Ive been having contractions periodically but not with any pattern. I know this means my previous claim that they are "real" is untrue. Let me just say that any contractions that wrap around and result in serious back pain should count for something ! My next aptointment at the OB cafeteria is on Monday . The Bean has definitely dropped and I'm guessing that I'm dilated at least to one centimeter.

In other news, Khubz is doing great. she walks around grampa and grammas house like she owns the place. Scully has the house unpacked enough that she is finally willing to sit down and watch a movie. We had our first "family over for dinner" dinner. To be truthful, my mom brought the main course that mysister had made but I cut up some fresh veggies. Anyhoo, we are feeling more settled.

I am blogging from scullys iPhone so forgive the typos and brevity. I have just requested that we prioritize Internet service. It is onthe list for Monday .

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