Monday, October 20, 2008

how was your weekend?

Khubz has strep throat. Poor girl. She also takes after Scully in her demeanor when ill. She is needy. And it is difficult to figure out where she may, in fact, be milking the situation. Everything was "Mommy holdyou?" with her arms up and tears streaming down her face. What kinds of infractions led her to such desperation?

  • The seam of her sock had bunched up
  • The Mommies were withholding "outside" just because it was cold and/or rainy
  • Every single swallow hurts. Every single sip of juice, bite of banana or swallow of her own saliva

Strep throat does hurt. Even once the fever is gone and antibiotics are in full swing. I tried very, very hard to remember how much strep throat hurts.

Last night was better. Our good friends the Pairs came over and brought a great book, a great game and a fabulous good mood (all was good until the vomiting--not my story to tell.) Khubz was all tuckered out from playing with Funk & Noise. She went down in her own bed and slept solidly until about 11. I patted her down and put her back in her bed.

Sometime later Scully had joined me and we both woke up hearing Khubz cry next door. Scully gets her, gets the ibuprofin and gets back in to bed. Khubz fell right to sleep, sandwiched as she prefers, between the two mommies.

I'm anticipating a bit of an adjustment back to our regular sleeping arrangements once she's not sick. As Scully brought the girl to bed Friday night she looked pleadingly at me, "she asked to come to the mommies' bed so politely, I had to say yes!" And the girl is sick. And snuggles help when feeling so needy.

It wasn't all hard this weekend.

Scully & Khubz made collages with horse pictures. We had streaming video of elmo and bob construe. Ice cream was in continual supply. We did go outside a bit. Khubz and I "cooked." The girl stomped around in a frog costume most of the weekend. We put squirrel food out on the deck and got regular "AAAARDIA!!!" announcements whenever one approached.

Tonight we will low-key it with play doh and leftovers. Probably in that order.

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