Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 Week Countdown

Scully and I got to hear the Bean's heartbeat yesterday. Everything is looking good, hamdillah, and we've got 10 weeks left to go.

I've already got $20 bucks riding on Jan. 7th, though, instead of the 14th.

But one way or the other we've got about 10 weeks to go. This demands some list making.

Goal for week 30 (next week)

  • Clean my hole of an office. And for anyone I work with: I will not appreciate the humor in any cynical "when hell freezes over" comments
  • Get my hair cut. Trimmed at least.
  • Polish the kitchen cabinets. It is a small kitchen and I always complain that there's not enough cabinet space so this should be a snap!

Goal for week 31

  • Back up the photos from our computer onto a flash drive.
  • Clean out the door of the fridge. The fridge will be a more complicated cleaning project than my office so we best divide this up over a couple weeks.
  • Purchase a new top that I can breastfeed in and wear comfortably in front of my father.

Goal for week 32

  • Reevaluate the logic of publicly listing tasks like this that I am most likely to never, ever complete.
  • Connect with other women about the value of getting through the day over the value of a completed to-do list.
  • Go downstairs to back up the photos and spend the whole time shopping online for (but never purchasing) a top I can breastfeed in.

Goal for week 33

  • Clean out the fridge for godssake. Just clean it out!!
  • Decide that is enough for the week

Goal for week 34

  • Sort through infant/newborn clothes
  • Decide that this is enough for the week

Goal for week 35

  • Resist the urge to go back in the blog and delete this post.

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scully said...

Can you just imagine what it must be like to live with fruitfemme? Good thing Khubz knows how to hang up her coat and put her shoes away immediately after coming in the house!