Monday, September 22, 2008

happy equinox

My favorite quote off a cover of an indigo girls album

"May this equinox find us more honest about the darkness, more perceptive of the light."

I do believe in magic but not in a "Jesus will save the polar bears even if all the ice has melted" kind of way. But I do believe that rituals can give me greater control over my own feelings, perspective and power. Magic is the the ability for me to effect change within myself and then to see that same transformation in my world. Of course, this isn't my bright idea. It is everywhere in the world.

Its the whole She Changes Everything She Touches And Everything She Touches Changes thing. This is the best way I have to understand what mothering Khubz has meant to me. Serious magic, that girl has. Serious.

So Equinox magic, Mabon Magic, Autumn and Ramadhan magic. Today is a very special day.

Don't believe the myth that this is harvest-only. There is fertility in every season. Think about planting deep in the earth with an eye towards spring because some of us need a long winter cuddle before heading out into the world.

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scully said...

Happy Equinox everyone!