Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OB Update

tree that did bear fruit
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Everything went great at the OB apt yesterday. I had done the "quad screen" (blood screening for genetic disorders) and that came back negative. (There's a whole story about our decision whether or not to do the screening that deserves its own post. Maybe I'll catch up later?) My blood pressure, blood sugar etc are all fine. The bean's heartbeat was 147--I *love* hearing the heartbeat.

Also, I've gained 8 pounds total for this pregnancy. (I told some friends yesterday it was 11--sorry! I can't even do simple math) So 8 pounds at 5 months along is not bad at all. Especially since I've got 30 pounds from my Khubz pregnancy that I never lost. Additionally, I am still not as big as I once was and am actually surprised and annoyed that I'm spending so much time preoccupied with it at all.

All in all, a good visit.

I'm continuing to have heartburn, no more vomitting--hamdillah. We are investing in tums and I've already had one diet 7 up this morning. But all good. All fine.

The ultrasound showed a bean that is on target for our Jan. 14th due date. The tech was saying things like, "2 kidneys, good." and I was like, "I hadn't even thought to worry specifically about the kidneys!" So now Scully and I have been including all kinds of things on our gratitude lists: Cerebellum! We are thankful for the bean's cerebellum!

Anyway, stay tuned.

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Veronica said...

Fingers crossed for no more vomiting!

I am due a bit more than a week after you are. Bring on January.