Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ouch (two versions)

Version 1: "Ouuuuch!" Followed by "Ouuuut. Outttttt."
As she pulls at the hard won pony tail.

And then there was the Ouch! Bwaahhhhh!
Followed by tears from Khubz & the mommy.

We were playing at music class (30 minutes of music, drums, rattles, songs & spastic toddlers running around) and my spastic toddler tripped on her feet and splat! Face first (lip first, as it turns out) onto the tile floor. Blood squirting everywhere (for real) panicky mommy, crying khubz, crying mommy and lots and lots of icecream were to follow. What a day!


Daisy said...

Adorable baby!!! Squeee!

scully said...

hmmm..looks like my child is turning into a BAD version of anjelina jolie.

Dylan said...

poor kid!