Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thumper's big speech

Thumper is talking constantly. Most of his words require a trained ear. Here is a quick cheat sheet.

"mamabs" is for the city busses. These are the ones that Scully rides to work.

"skuuulbss" is a school bus. Like what we see when we are picking up Cousins from elementary school.

"catchdebs" (said with arms shooting out in a grabbing motion) is catch the bus. What mama says she is going to do as she runs out the door.

"Mukkah" is grandma. "Mupkkah" is grandpa. My folks are in Araby land (long story) y we have grandma's mini van. Every morning Thumper rushes to the window, sees her van y cries out "Mukkah! Mukkaaaaaaaaah!!"

Some phrases he really has down.
If I say, night-night time baby. He responds "noooo! Plaaaay!!"

If I ask, what song would you like? He says "idnknow" while shrugging his shoulders with a sly smile.

There's a lot more but I think this blog is set up best for post cards right now. . .


laurharr said...

Love the Thumper-to-English dictionary!

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