Monday, June 14, 2010

Some day my revolution will come

We went to my niece's dance recital. She has been taking Irish dancing lessons all year and she got to put on a white dress with a pink ribbon, a curly-haired wig and some fantastic shoes. She got on the stage and hopped and kicked and danced her buns off.

Awesome. It was amazing.

Khubz was so excited about going to the recital. She put on her tights and leotard and a big fluffy skirt. She sat in her chair in the audience and waved her hands with each hand wave on the stage, rolled her head around, hopped up and down in her chair. At the end of the first song she told me "Mommy--I have to get on the stage so everyone can see my pretty skirt!"

It was all I could do to keep her in the seat.

"Look they're dressed like snow white!"
"Look they're bea-u-tiful!"
"Ooooh! Mom! Pooofy dresses!"

The whole time I am looking at her. She cannot take her eyes off these kids that are prancing on stage. Ballerinas come out--even boy ballerinas in skin tight body stockings. Then a stage full of four year olds in "belle" costumes from beauty and the beast.

Oh, we have *got* to get her in dance class. She is enthralled. She is entranced.
The stage fills up again with little snow white dancers. They begin twirling and prancing. And the music starts.

Some day my prince will come
Some day we'll meet again
And away to his castle we'll go
To be happy forever I know
Some day when spring is here
We'll find our love anew
And the birds will sing
And wedding bells will ring
Some day when my dreams come true

Ummmm. . . .

Okay, let's sign her up for gymnastics.


laurharr said...

Gymnastics it is!

Anonymous said... class :o)
Love you,

Anonymous said...

music or art classes
loc=ve you,