Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sense & Sensibility

Khubz at preschool about 11:15: Where's my Mommy?

pickup is at 11:30 but this is her daily Q at 11:15.

Miss Wendy: Well, she's not here yet but I"m sure she is on her way.

Khubz: Oh. Well, I will not, not cry because I am very sensible and a big girl and so I will notnot cry.

As Miss Wendy was relaying this conversation to me at pickup and laughing Khubz comes over to her with a hug and says, "thank you for a fabulous day!" and Miss Wendy says "Oh thank you for a fabulous day!"

Miss Wendy begins to praise my child and her great vocabulary.
Go on. No. Really, go on! I am eating this up.

So I am convinced Khubz is brilliant--her favorite word is sensible for goodness sake.

And then it's naptime.
When naptime is over she announces that she has made a great big poop in her diaper.

This is bad news. She saves her poop for the diaper. She won't poop in the potty. It is disgusting. Really. And I have a considerable poop threshold.

So I am cleaning her off and informing her how very disgusting it is and she says,
"And Sensible, Mommy!!"


Anonymous said...

Love you,

Veronica said...

She sounds so much like Amy. Even down to the pooing inside the nappy.

Amy came inside from playing this morning (she ran outside with her nighttime nappy still on, she was happy, so I left her) and said 'I need a shower Mummy. I am pooey.' I checked and oh boy was she pooey. It was down her legs and everything. She then tells me 'I'm silly, I am meant to poo in the toilet!'

Which um, yes, yes you are.

She also told me exactly where she left the pooey nappy ('I leave it in the garden for you Mummy!') so at least I didn't have to hunt.