Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Her first "Hmpf"

We sometimes get in bad patterns, all of us do, right?

So Khubz has been going to bed later and later. This is partly due to the sun being up so much later and also due to our lax attitude. So we've started the crackdown because we can't have the two year old staying up later than the mommies.

We put her to bed and she asks for water, a different stuffed animal, she poops in the diaper, she wants to see what Thumper is doing, she needs her brother!! Whatever.

Tonight I tell her I don't want her coming out of her room unless she has pooped or needs to poop.

So she poops, I change her and tuck her back in bed.

She comes back out to see "what you doin, mommy?"

I tell her to go to bed.

She goes to her room. The light pops on.

I turn the light off.

She tells me she needs me to put the blanket on her.

I tell her no. When I tucked you in I told you I wouldn't come back in to do your blanket.

She wails. I leave. The light pops on. I ignore it. She beings kicking the wall with her feet.

I go to her room and turn the light off. "You do not get to kick our walls." (internal mommy: what the fuck will I do if she persists? How does one put the wall in time out??)

Okay Mommy. I leave. The light pops on.

I open her door walk in and turn the light off at the pull chord (which she cannot reach.)

Khubz looked at me, cocked her head and said, "Hmpf."

I shit you not. She "hmpf"ed me.

I left the room. She asked me to put her blanket on. I almost did I was so impressed with her use of the "hmpf" but I held my ground.

All seems quiet in there now but Thumper. . .Scully just finished his bath and Thumper is definitely in need of a beer. "Mommy! Get! In! Here! Now!!!"

I told Scully, "three minutes! Give me three more minutes!"

I heard Thumper's silent hmpf as well.

Okay, I'm off.


scully said...

there is no hope for us if she does the hmpf just like her mother.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have seen it! Thanks for sharing. I laughed until I cried!

Anonymous said...

Well the first of many "hmpfs." I am still being hmpf'd and mine is learn to ignore it.
Much love,

thesockdrawer said...

you are is so much trouble. I'll pray (while I laugh) for you both.

frogpondsrock said...

hehehehe I am giggling away here.