Saturday, May 30, 2009

we are still here

And growing

And fishing (with grandpa)
And getting in touch with our inner citrus-y sherbert-y self (doesn't he look totally edible?)

And communing with the goddess a bit (in this case, on vacation)

And posing a bit

And goofing off a bit (Thumper is being eaten by his best friend, a silver sting ray. He adores it! And Khubz is up front and center, as she is accustomed. Scully is there as back up and I am left to document the hilarity that is a toddler, an infant, two mommies and a sting ray in a hotel room)


Veronica said...

I think I might have just died from cute overload. Truly.

frogpondsrock said...

That daughter of mine always beats me over here lol.. I loved the photos. What gorgeous gorgeous children you two have. take care xox Kim

f.l. said...

I can't stop smiling! You and your family are beautiful. Thanks for sharing these great pictures. Khubz should be receiving something in the mail today or tomorrow. Love and miss you.

Anonymous said...

Um, you left out the Tia Sally in the hotel room.


I even took the waterfall/bridge picture!!! (I can never get the background vs close up balance right)

me me me. me.

Anonymous said...

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