Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Improved To Do List

I was going to start by bragging that I did, in fact, polish the kitchen cabinets but it seems I've already said that. But I did. Polish the cabinets, I mean. For real.

Here's the list floating through my head right now (in no order whatsoever.)

  • Gestate
  • Get emails out to non-bloggy friends
  • Call moving men and get them scheduled
  • Clean up the kitchen (this shows up on every list, every day)
  • Stretch my perineum
  • Sort my clothes with bitter honesty about what I will or will not ever wear again
  • Pack up the chachkas in the basement
  • Pack up the pantry
  • Pack up the linen closet
  • Email the new landlord and set an apt for our walk through
  • Pack for our thanksgiving trip to Tx
  • Get over this cold
  • Sort through my dry goods
  • Pack up the chachkas in our bedroom and the living room
  • Pack up the medicine cabinets
  • Clean sweep & pack up the extra coats/jackets/etc in the front closet

In other news I had my OB appointment yesterday. Scully & I got to hear the heartbeat (135) my blood sugar, blood pressure were all fine. I've lost about 5 lbs in the last two weeks so I got to do an ultrasound this morning.

The Bean is doing fine--4 1/2 lbs. By size I'm due on Jan. 10th=perfect. Plenty of amniotic fluid. Everything is looking good. Al-Hamdilallah.

And we saw the Bean's face so clearly that I now touch my belly and feel like I'm stroking the Bean's face.

So everything on the list will happen. We have many beloved friends and will definitely be taking them up on their offers to help to get through our to-do lists (with the exception of that perineum stretching. I have to draw the line somewhere.) And it will all be okay.

So keep growing, Beany.

We can't wait to meet you!


Sabine said...

Such wonderful blessings are being bestowed upon you...it will all come together...I am here for whatever I can do.
Love and Blessings,

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