Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catching up

Home today, back on the road tomorrow. Heading to iowa this weekend for a family reunion of sorts.

What's been going on?

At home: Khubz will have tubes put in her ears. Too many ear infections & persistent fluid behind her eardrums = reduced hearing & too many bad days. So we've got that scheduled for July 3rd. My sister Joe reassured me the hardest part is waiting as the surgery itself takes all of 7 minutes.

At Latina Lista: the Federal Bureau of Prisons reports that the three highest offenses for incarceration today are: 1. Drug offenses. 2. Weapons, Explosives, Arson. 3. Immigration
At home: Scully completed her comps! I may have said that before, but it's worth saying again. Yeaaaa!!!!!
Internally: I am nauseous as hell this morning and going through tic tacs like nobody's business. That's good news as an indicator of my hormone levels. This weekend we had a scare with vaginal bleeding and such badness. It resulted in me being flat on the couch Sunday & Monday. I then hijacked a friend of mine (who was supposed to be taking it easy herself) to come with me for a friendly pelvic exam & quick peek at my cervix (which was closed--hamdillah.) Scully met us at the hospital for a sonogram and we all three got to take a look at the little bean within me. Bean was swishing around & doing the hokey-pokey with a strong heartbeat. So what's with all the bleeding? No answers yet. More labs to be done today. In the meantime, I tic tac away as it helps settle my stomach.

I feel like I should have some witty narrative after such a long absence but in truth, all this time on the road really means I have a frightening stack of receipts to reconcile. Sorry fruit basket!


Veronica said...

The bleeding is the freaking worst! I have been bleeding on and off as well, although trying not to blog about it too much.

Damn babies, I will be much happier when I can feel movement!

Fingers crossed that everything stays firmly stuck in place for you.

And hugs for Khubz, ear infections are the worst thing.

Rivolta said...

I heard about this from Lopez. I heart you.

And thankfully I will see you soon.

But first, I will see our beloved future President John McCain on Tuesday in Indianapolis. You will be so refreshing after having my brain directly vomited on by candidate BS, especially the Republican sort.

I won't even be able to boo or yell chants or anything. Because I'm there for work. :(